Monday, August 5, 2013

Tweet it!

I have a love hate relationship with Twitter. On one hand its this amazing tool to promote, discover and connect with my customer base but on the other hand I feel vulnerable and exposed to prying eyes that I prefer knew nothing about me. I think I am getting over the later by simply no longer giving a f&$@.. No f$&@s are left to be had.  

 Today a fabulous thing happened though.  I tweeted my love of Kate Nash's music.. And she followed me back.  I feel part of an elite special little club.  We are going to see her in Dallas my birthday weekend at a tiny club. I am all sorts of excited.  Clearly I just love everything British still and since we won't be going back anytime soon, my musical loves will have to do!

Have you followed me on Twitter yet? @mytinfoiltiara ... Follow me... I post random thoughts... What I am cooking, cat pictures, and my newest MurderMitten designs!

I have no idea if its possible to post a YouTube video into a blog.. So until I can properly embed a video from the is a link to listen to some of the lovely Ms. Nash!

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